Lessons from Sweden’s Electric Vehicle Adoption

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Sweden’s Electric Vehicle Adoption

Sweden plans to become free of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030. Between 2011 (when the Swedish government first rolled out an incentive program to popularize electric vehicles) and 2017, more than 50,000 plug-in vehicles have been registered in Sweden. And this is no small number. Today, EVs have a very healthy market share of 12% in Sweden, which is making the 2030 goal look more and more attainable. So, what is it that Sweden is doing right?

Tax Rebates and Incentives

EV owners can save up to 50% or as high as $6,700 in purchase subsidies by investing in a zero-emission four-wheeler. This subsidy used to be around $4,500 up until July 1, 2018. The increase in subsidy is a testimony to how serious the Swedish government is about reducing the nation’s CO2 emissions. This is why the government also offers attractive rebates of up to 25% on electric bikes. And if that wasn’t enough, the government is now taxing regular petrol and diesel vehicles at a higher rate than EVs. Evidently, the biggest push for EV adoption in Sweden has come from the government.

Free Parking

EV owners get free parking in several public places as well as free access to drive in bus lanes.

Charging Infrastructure

More than 65% of Swedish EV owners have ready access to charging stations either via home chargers or commercial EV chargers at workplaces and other public-access venues. Such extensive adoption of EV charging stations has ensured that drivers are spared of range anxiety. People can buy zero-emission vehicles without fearing that they will run out of charge and rendered stranded by their car.

Cheap Electricity

Compared to many other European nations, electricity prices in Sweden are on the lower end of the spectrum. This makes investing in EVs a more economically-viable option for drivers. Sweden is also investing in cost-efficient electric road technology.

Clearly, Sweden is a rising star in EV adoption and there is a lot to be learned from the country’s enviable push for electric vehicles.

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