EV Meter Dual Level 2 Chargers are Compatible with All EV Drivers

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Dual Level 2 Chargers

As the innovation and efficiency of electric cars have continuously improved over the years, it’s clear that these improvements must rub off on electric vehicle charging stations as well. EV Meter, an innovative manufacturer of EV chargers, offers a range of benefits in their chargers, which is just what EV drivers today have been waiting for – cashless payments in multiple modes and currencies. The convenience that this payment facility offers can be appreciated by any EV driver who must join numerous memberships or subscribe to different companies’ payment methods, then incurring any registration or monthly fees. The need to participate in memberships is necessary to ensure that at any given time, an EV owner has the flexibility to travel where and when they want, without the risk of getting caught needing a charge but not being part of a particular charging company’s subscription.

The EV Meter difference

With EV Meter, memberships and subscriptions are not an issue. That is because EV Meter enables payment via popular cashless methods, which drivers currently have in their wallet or on their phone. No memberships are necessary! Simply put, on an EV Meter dual Level 2 charger, EV drivers have the freedom to pay to charge their EVs using their most convenient payment mode.

EV Meter enjoys a rare leverage

EV Meter has integrated the technology of Nayax, a renowned global cashless payment platform. Nayax accepts all cashless payments, including credit/debit cards, mobile apps, payment via QR codes and, for closed loop environments, prepaid cards. An EV driver can just  use their preferred method of payment, without having to make any additional commitments to subscriptions or memberships.

Advantage for owners of EV Meter chargers  

Electric vehicle charging station operators like malls and stores, offices and movie theatres, among others, can gain substantially from the installation of EV Meter dual AC chargers. The convenience that an EV driver gets from using these universal chargers will encourage them to return to the same mall or store. Dual Level 2 chargers allow two cars to charge simultaneously without any difference in the speed or volume of charge. This increases the confidence of drivers that the EV Meter charger will be available, making it more likely for them to make the trip. Owners of EV Meter dual Level 2 chargers also get advanced telemetry that allow them to remotely monitor their assets and can even oversee transactions in real time. An 8 inch screen on the charger head allows advertisements to be displayed, thereby adding more ways of monetising the asset.

EV Meter dual Level 2 chargers offer advantages to all the stakeholders from EV drivers to owners of EV charging stations, thus resulting in a win-win situation for all.

Niso Hazan
Niso Hazan
Niso has been breathing and living in the world of EV chargers over the past few years, with a wealth of international experience.

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