Having a sustainable workplace extends to the office’s parking lot

Offer employees and visitors access to EV charging & achieve your organization’s goals

Attract & retain top talent

Electric car charging points can help organizations attract and retain quality employees. Providing convenient EV access is a perk top talent who drive (or hope to buy) electric vehicles often look for in corporate workplaces.

Position your organization as green leader

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to more clean transport options by providing accessible EV charging stations for employees and guests alike.

Prepaid for employees, cashless for guests

Make it easy for employees to charge their cars during working hours with a prepaid option, which can be associated with their employee card or key fob. Offering open cashless payments extends the AC charging option to any guest of the company.

Improves employee satisfaction

Employees value employers who look out for their work/life balance. Help your employees maximize their time by providing level 2 charging stations to recharge their car while they’re working. Employees also appreciate being able to drive their preferred vehicle to work and save on fuel costs.

Promotes sustainability goals

Adding AC charging stations to the office parking lot can help your organization achieve its sustainability goals. Supporting EV charging and employee EV adoption enables corporate workplaces to meet greenhouse gas and transport emission reduction goals, as well as corporate social responsibility goals.

Employee benefits

  • Save fuel costs
  • Travel flexibility
  • No subscriptions, no added fees
  • More time for life outside work
  • Uphold sustainable principles
  • Improve local air quality
  • Zero emissions for commuting

EV Meter Products

EV Meter has a range of dynamic solutions, suitable for your property’s needs.

Our customizable solutions are also suitable for commercial properties, residential property, retail & construction, property management, cities & municipalities, parking lots and other facilities.

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