Where to Place EV Charging Stations in a Parking Lot

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Where to Place EV Charging Stations in a Parking Lot

If you are planning to host one or more commercial electric vehicle charging stations on your premises, you must determine where to install the devices. There are several key factors which must be considered before you can zero down on the perfect EV charging spot(s). Let’s discuss them here…


Access to electricity is the foremost requirement for any EV charging station and extending data lines could be a very costly affair. This is why many people prefer to install their devices in clusters near a power distribution panel. But depending on the size of your parking lot, you may want to create more than one cluster of EV charging stations. An effective way of maximizing the number of drivers served is to use a commercial Level 2 EV charging station that can charge two vehicle simultaneously, such as EV Meter.

Ease of Use

Placing EV charging stations closer to building entrances should be preferred in order to enhance the customer experience. For example, you can designate EV charging spots next to disabled parking spaces. In any case, you would want to discourage non-EV drivers from parking in these spots and having them in the line of sight of building security would help.

Prominent Visibility

In order to attract EV drivers entering the parking lot to the charging stations, it is essential you provide ample visibility to the EV parking spots and chargers. This can be done through vertical signage, road-surface icons and asphalt painting. Green is a color universally associated with sustainability, so you may want to utilize it to promote your green initiative.

Consult an Expert

As the providers of dual Level 2 EV charging stations with an open cashless payments system, we at EV Meter recognize that every parking lot is different, and the rules of device placement cannot be generalized. Therefore, we provide individualized site assessment and installation consultation to each of our clients and ensure that they maximize their profitability from EV Meter charging stations.

If you need help identifying the best EV charging opportunities for your business, contact us today.

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