Even as the supply and availability of electric vehicle charging stations struggle to keep up with the demand, several manufacturers ‘lock’ charging devices to subscription-based payment platforms. In such an ecosystem, drivers become restricted and need to commit to a proprietary payment system. EV Meter, meanwhile, is powered by Nayax’s VPOS Touch, an award-winning, all-in-one, integrated cashless payments technology for unattended automated machines. By providing EV drivers with a quick and convenient way to pay, VPOS Touch makes sure that operators do not miss out even on a single sale. Since the device accepts every payment method in the market, operators can breathe easy knowing no potential customer will be turned away.

An Open System

VPOS Touch allows EV Meter Level 2 commercial electric charging stations to offer multiple open cashless payment options, including mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, QR codes, etc.

Closed Environment

Operators can offer absolute convenience to customers, residents, employees, and students by allowing payment via prepaid cards

Loyalty App

Nayax’s Monyx Wallet connects operators with consumers in order to deliver digital vouchers and loyalty cards to increase sales and repeat customers