Running a Profitable Electric Vehicle Charging Station Requires Special Chargers That Give You More

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Profitable Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging is a lot more decentralized than vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE). Instead of cars driving to a specific gas station, charging points of EVs are distributed far and wide, from the home of the EV owner to different public properties like parking lots in offices, markets, malls, highway rest stops, and even some ICE gas stations.  Potential owners of commercial chargers should look for the right locations and the right chargers to receive the revenue potential.

Advantage for store managements  

By 2040, over 50% of new car sales are expected to be EVs, which needs to be considered seriously. That’s because EV owners are generally loyal to stores and malls where they are able to charge their cars. If you want to offer the best EV charging station at your store parking lot, you need to choose chargers that don’t ask customers for an EV charging membership. Also, your chargers need to offer maximum revenue potential. The dual Level 2 AC chargers from EV Meter, an innovative manufacturer of EV chargers, offer a range of benefits both for you and the EV drivers who use your chargers.

Best of both worlds with EV Meter chargers

A notable feature of these chargers is that they allow dual use which enables two cars to charge simultaneously from one charger, without any change in the charging speed. It means more revenue per charger for you and more charging points per car, for your users. A customer doesn’t need to buy an EV charging subscription in order to use an EV Meter charger, as it allows payment via cashless payments using different methods like credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and QR codes among others. Also, an 8-inch touchscreen on the charger head for displaying advertisements, offers you substantial revenue-earning potential.

When you install EV Meter chargers on your premises, you have the opportunity to attract more customers because these are universal chargers that are compatible with all EVs and PHEVs. With EV Meter’s management tools, you can monitor EV Meter chargers 24/7 through remote access and get regular updates from EV Meter, as well as real-time alerts for any adverse events. In the future, electric vehicle owners are going to base their shopping, driving and charging habits based on the convenience of using EV chargers. Ensure your business is attractive to them with the installation of EV Meter, a charger that offer both you and your users’ convenience.

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