Leisure time is charge time. EV drivers can charge their vehicles while they shop, eat and relax. Position your retail or hospitality business as accessible to any EV driver by providing a variety of open payment choices.

Provide value for customers & employees

Offer open cashless payment choices and become a destination for EV drivers. Multiple cashless payments options including contactless credit cards and mobile wallets open your space up to all EV drivers, allowing your space to stand out from competitors. Help employees make the most of their time at work by providing Level 2 charging stations to recharge their car while they’re working. Employees can pay with prepaid cards, which can be associated with their employee card or key fob.

Attract new visitors & loyal customers

Hotels, malls and shopping centers and other hospitality destinations all have parking spaces. Any new visitor as well as repeat guests can easily charge their EVs while they shop or relax. An EV charging station can attract affluent and sustainability minded customers to your retail real estate. Convert your visitors into loyal customers by providing EV charging stations in the parking garage.

EV charging in new construction spaces

Attract high quality tenants by integrating Level 2 EV chargers from the get-go. Incorporate EV charging stations requirements like electricity needs when you design the parking spaces and meet the compliance standards easily.

Position your retail space as a green leader

Promote sustainability and show your commitment to clean transport by providing EV charging stations with open payments to your customers. You will cast your retail or hospitality business as forward thinking and eco-friendly.

Create additional revenue streams

Adding car charging stations to parking real estate provides you with more opportunities to earn revenue. Use the EV Meter’s consumer engagement capabilities to encourage repeat visits. You can also gain income using EV Meter’s touchscreen for display advertising.

EV Meter Products

EV Meter has a range of dynamic solutions, suitable for your property’s needs.

Our customizable solutions are also suitable for residential property, workplaces, commercial properties, cities & municipalities, parking lots and other facilities.

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