Promoting Green Mobility with EV Charging at Train Stations

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December 26, 2018
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January 7, 2019
EV Charging at Train Stations

Many countries across the world are pushing for sustainable transportation that not only meets the needs of the society but also does that in a practical, eco-friendly way. Electric vehicles, of course, are at the forefront of this green mobility movement. But EVs alone cannot clean up the transportation ecosystem and greater public-private collaboration is the need of the hour.

In the Netherlands, for example, you can easily rent a bike at a rail station for last-mile transportation and use it in combination with public transport. This practice of biking to and from the train stations helps to keep the roads clear of excessive traffic and allows the citizens to breathe cleaner air.

Biking, however, requires a well-planned infrastructure with dedicated bike lanes and safety measures for riders – something which is presently not supported by every country in the world. But the clean mobility scenario can still be replicated with EVs without requiring a complete overhaul of the road infrastructure. Which is why in countries like India, the national railway provider is actively working to set up EV charging devices at the parking lots stations to help users charge their vehicles. Scotland is also striving to reduce the carbon footprint of its citizens door-to-door by installing dual EV charging devices at its train stations.

At EV Meter, we have always encouraged organizations to support EV drivers. Our recent installation of a Level 2 commercial EV charging device at the Bílovec railway station in the Czech Republic is testimony to that.

Having a robust charging infrastructure in place inspires motorists to switch to zero-emission vehicles and contribute to the cause of green mobility. With EV Meter’s charging devices, two battery-operated vehicles can be charged at the same time. The charging stations come equipped with Nayax’s all-in-one telemetry and cashless payments device which allows operators to remotely monitor and manage all aspects of the machine – machine status, electricity consumption, payments, et al. Warnings of adverse events like loss of power supply or machine malfunction are provided in real time, so timely action can be taken. Moreover, EV Meter provides operators with a comprehensive marketing and consumer engagement platform to build loyalty programs and offer discounts to users.

If you are also looking to promote sustainable travel and create positive long-term implications on the transport infrastructure of your city, learn more about EV Meter by contacting our team today.

Niso Hazan
Niso Hazan
Niso has been breathing and living in the world of EV chargers over the past few years, with a wealth of international experience.

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