Even as the supply and availability of electric vehicle charging stations struggle to keep up with the demand, several manufacturers ‘lock’ EV chargers to their own charging stations. In this ecosystem, EV drivers are being restricted and need to commit to a proprietary payment system.

Opt for an Open System

This is what made us equip EV Meter level 2 commercial EV chargers with Nayax’s VPOS Touch cashless payment system. VPOS Touch allows electric charging stations to offer multiple open cashless payment options, including mobile payments, credit cards, QR codes, Nayax’s proprietary Monyx Wallet app and other social wallets.

Prepaid Cards

While drivers can use any payment method, VPOS Touch also enables the use of prepaid cards, such as ID cards for employees, students or residents). This makes EV Meter even more attractive to businesses, universities and residential complexes.

Remote Management

But convenience is not the only benefit of adding Nayax’s VPOS Touch cashless payment functionality to your EV Meter electric vehicle charging station. VPOS Touch gives facility managers full access to remotely monitor and manage cashless EV charging transactions via a simple management system.

Marketing Tool

With the option to use the 8″ digital display screen or VPOS Touch as advertising real estate, operators also get an unparalleled marketing tool to strengthen their brand while promoting consumer engagement.

After all, it’s no secret that the adopters of electric vehicles are technology-savvy. When they buy any product or service, they prefer to use non-cash payment methods. As such, a universal electric vehicle charging station equipped with open cashless payment options has instant appeal for this ever-increasing user base.

Payments via prepaid ID cards

Debit and credit cards

Mobile wallets

Revalue capabilities


Instant refunds

Multiple pricing options

Date- and time-specific sales

Maintenance alerts