Modernize your parking lot with EV charging

Make your parking lot EV friendly with electric vehicle charging stations. Introduce open payment methods

Fast charging

Accommodate EV drivers by installing EV Meter’s Level 2 EV charging points with single or dual charging, allowing drivers to charge their vehicles while they’re at work or leisure. With multiple open payment methods, using EV Meter’s charging stations it becomes easy for EV drivers to charge their vehicles when they’re on the go.

Additional revenue

Take part in the growing EV industry when you install EV charging stations in your parking lots. Introduce open payment methods, eliminating the need for subscriptions and attract new visitors to your business. EV Meter is optimized for consumer engagement with marketing tools like discounts and punch cards, which can be used to encourage repeat business. Further opportunities for earning revenue can be introduced with color touchscreen displays, which allow for advertising.

Added value for customers & employees

Installing EV Meter’s Level 2 charging stations allows you to provide your regular visitors with loyalty benefits. Encourage repeat EV charging sessions by offering special rates for regular customers who use prepaid and postpaid cards, while also allowing for occasional customers with open payments.

Efficiency with Smart management

Use EV Meter’s Management Suite to remotely manage multiple charging stations across your parking lots. Monitor EV charging station usage from your computer or mobile phone any time of the day and use the insights gained from power consumption data to make smart business decisions.

EV Meter Products

EV Meter has a range of dynamic solutions, suitable for your property’s needs.

Our customizable solutions are also suitable for commercial properties, workplaces, retail & construction, property management, residential properties, cities & municipalities and other facilities.

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