EV Meter provides operators with a comprehensive marketing and consumer engagement platform to build loyalty programs via Nayax’s VPOS Touch cashless payment solution. Operators can not only offer consumers a richer sales experience and reward them for their repeated purchases, but they can also earn extra revenue in the process.

  • Variable pricing and customizable campaigns: Change prices and set up variable tariffs for different times of the day and different days of the week easily. Offer discounts for using specific payment methods.
  • Discounts and promotions: Roll out discount offers remotely, and reward customers for their patronage. Offer a free charging duration after a specified spend value.
  • Earn extra revenue: Tie-up with local businesses to run special offers and earn extra revenue. For example, a nearby coffee shop could showcase discounts on cappuccino for drivers using EV Meter.
  • Complete media system to manage videos: Upload and schedule advertising and brand videos remotely.
  • Run loyalty campaigns: Cultivate frequent, regular users and reward their loyalty with digital punch card campaigns.

Digitize your marketing and consumer engagement with EV Meter by building marketing campaigns and interacting with consumers, promoting punch cards, and allowing consumers to track purchases.