An integrated telemetry system gives operators complete visibility into the use of EV Meter. Operators can monitor transactions and charging in real-time and stay abreast with continuously updated information on all aspects of operations:

Machine Status

Remotely manage machine attributes and use Nayax’s smart dashboard to overview active devices, sales, etc.

Electricity Consumption

Check the daily, weekly, monthly and annual electricity consumption for each device along with the power charges incurred according to the usage and time of the day.

Real-time Alerts

Receive warnings of adverse events or activities that need attending to in real time such as loss of power supply or machine malfunction.


Track how many purchases have been made and see which payment systems are preferred by the users. Easily configure and manage prepaid cards for closed-loop environments.

Mobile Management

Access all data remotely at any location with Nayax’s user-friendly mobile management application, MoMa.

With comprehensive management and reporting suite collating all data in an easily interpretable manner, EV Meter empowers operators to gain complete visibility into their business from afar. Operators can gain actionable insights on consumer behavior and discover areas that need attention. Compatible with all Android and iOS devices, EV Meter’s management and reporting suite gives operators a solid advantage over the competition and allows them to create measurable results.