Helping EV Drivers Tackle Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety

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October 4, 2018
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Forget worrying about over-speeders or drunk drivers, the biggest concern for the owners of electric vehicles today is a concept called range anxiety.

In simple words, range anxiety refers to the fear in an EV driver’s mind that the vehicle will run out of charge before the occupants reach their destination – much like the nagging feeling you get when you think your cellphone battery will not last through the day. This perceived stress is deemed as one of the biggest hindrances in the wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles, despite their many environmental and financial benefits.

So, how can you help EV drivers avoid range anxiety? By improving the charging infrastructure, of course!

Fast and Affordable Charging

If you own a commercial property, a retail or hospitality outlet, a corporate office, a residential complex, or a commercial parking lot, you are in the possession of prime real estate required to install EV charging stations. By offering fast and affordable Level 2 EV charging stations on your premises, you can easily provide EV drivers with the ease and convenience they need to plan their trips better. And if you choose a dual Level 2 charging station like EV Meter for your property, you would be able to allow two EV drivers to juice-up their vehicles at the same time and maximize your revenue.

Many drivers also resist being locked into unreasonable EV charging subscription plans implemented by charging station manufacturers. The best case scenario, therefore, is to get a charging station that supports an open cashless payment system.

EV Meter’s payment solution is powered by the world’s leading provider of cashless payment devices: Nayax. Their safe and secure devices support all forms of contact, swipe, and contactless transactions, in addition to providing operators with an option to provide closed-loop payment cards.

Government’s role

Cities and municipalities, meanwhile, are duty-bound to address the range anxiety being experienced by EV drivers. By implementing a well-thought-out grid of EV charging stations – wherein the distance between two charging stations is less than the range of most popular EVs – they can help meet the huge gap in the charging infrastructure today. Here also, smart-grid ready Level 2 charging stations like EV Meter can play an instrumental role.

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When EV drivers know that they will be able to plug-in their vehicles wherever they go, they would finally be able to unplug their charging worries and say goodbye to range anxiety.

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