EV Meter Home App

Control your charger from anywhere

Easily view your car’s charging
status in real-time

Adjust your charger’s current or apply a charging limit

Set your perfect charging schedule to save time and money

Monitor your electricity usage and track charging history

Manage your home charger remotely 

EV Meter’s unique mobile app allows you to gain the most out of your home charging station. Spend less time charging and more time enjoying the ride with EV Meter’s home charging solutions.

  1. The Bee Meter home charger is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to control your charger from anywhere
  2. Manage your electricity consumption by adjusting your charger’s current levels or applying a charging limit with the click of a finger
  3. Start or stop charging remotely and easily view your car’s charging status.
  4. Set your charging schedule at optimal times to save time and benefit from subsidized tariff rates
  5. Share the charger with authorized household members and friends