Electric Vehicle Charging Stations can be Revenue Multipliers for Retail Businesses

Dual Level 2 Chargers
EV Meter Dual Level 2 Chargers are Compatible with All EV Drivers
February 28, 2019
EV Charging Industry in Spain
EV Charging Industry in Spain Can Gain by Focusing on Multiple Payment Modes
March 13, 2019
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The EV Meter dual Level 2 charging stations are designed for optimum benefits to charger owners and users. As universal chargers that allow easy and convenient payment options across multiple currencies and modes, the EV Meter commercial electric vehicle charging stations eliminate the hassle of EV charging subscriptions. One of the major hurdles in the way of newer drivers taking to electric cars is the EV charging membership that many charging station companies require before allowing EV drivers to charge their cars. However, with an EV Meter universal charger, an EV driver can pay using a number of cashless payment options, including the most popular methods, such as Visa, MC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Wechat Pay, Alipay and more.

The Vital Difference – Nayax

What is it that sets EV Meter apart from most other electric vehicle charging stations? It is the integration of EV Meter’s payment system with the super convenient global cashless payment platform, Nayax. This partnership between EV Meter and Nayax has made it possible for EV drivers to make cashless payments with credit/debit cards, mobile apps, QR codes and prepaid cards among others. It’s the kind of convenience that motorists look for in order make the shift from ICE vehicles to EVs. The ability to make cashless payments in multiple modes takes the range anxiety factor out of an EV driver’s mind.

The issue with subscription-based chargers

It’s well known that malls, stores, office complexes, airports and other commercial and institutional premises with large enough parking lots are installing commercial electric charging stations in substantial numbers. However, many of these chargers are only accessible to members who have bought subscriptions from these companies. This potentially restricts the optimization of revenue that can be earned at these locations because a number of EV drivers may not have bought the necessary subscriptions.

Advantages of installing EV Meter dual Level 2 chargers for businesses

Now, if the chargers are from EV Meter, no such restrictions are in place and all EV drivers would be able to charge their cars and pay in any of the cashless ways they prefer. Moreover, the dual AC Level 2 chargers from EV Meter are equipped with twin charging plugs that allow two cars to charge simultaneously without any change in the speed or volume of charge.  When EV drivers get that kind of advantage in any charging station, they will bookmark the place on their map for sure. It means many more return visits to the said parking spot by these EV drivers, which opens up other opportunities for the owner, like using the charger to display advertisements.

Great return on investment (ROI)

EV Meter has designed its dual Level 2 chargers with an 8 inch screen on the charger head for displaying advertisements. Owners of EV Meter chargers will have access to smart analytics and data of usage and revenues, and more from the precise reports received in the management suite, via advanced telemetry, that they will get on a regular basis. With high usage of their EV Meter dual Level 2 chargers they can market the advertising space on their charger head more effectively and maximize their ROI.

With so many advantages built into a single unit of EV Meter dual Level 2 AC charger, there’s every reason for owners and businesses to incorporate this solution into their EV charging plans.

Idit Podoler
Idit Podoler
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