Does Your EV Charging Station Come With Marketing Opportunities?

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EV Charging Infrastructure is Essential for Smart Cities
September 25, 2018
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October 4, 2018
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There’s no denying that the buyers of electric vehicles are well-educated and truly affluent, with their median household income often being almost double the US average. For any business, EV drivers make up for a very lucrative target group to send out their messaging. This means that as an EV charging station provider, you have the golden opportunity to supplement your green mission with extra revenue by taking advertising and promotional content right to this coveted buyers group of EV drivers.

How, you ask? By displaying digital advertisements on EV Meter Level 2 EV charging stations. Allow us to explain… Dual electric vehicle charging stations by EV Meter come equipped with an 8-inch digital display screen. Whenever an EV driver uses EV Meter charging station to juice up their car, they see the content being displayed on those screens.

In addition, if the charging station is situated in a public location, passersby will be coming into contact with the ads as well.

Advertisements displayed on these charging stations are like those online ads that you cannot skip – which means the business will always get maximum return on their investment by using EV Meter EV charging stations as a promotional tool.

What’s more, you can remotely manage the content being displayed to show different advertisements or messaging at different times of the day. To give you some idea, a business can use these digital displays for marketing in any number of ways:

  • Share information about new products or services
  • Provide discount codes to customers
  • Promote specials and daily offers
  • Run a loyalty program wherein a user gets a predefined number of points every time they charge their EV at that station, etc.
  • Sell additional advertising space to those stores in close proximity to the EV Meter charging station

The biggest advantage of using EV Meter Level 2 EV charging stations for branding and marketing purposes is that you can always be sure your message is being received by the target audience. Few other mediums provide such a high level of targeted promotion wherein you can be sure your advertising bucks are not being wasted on people who are not your prospects.

If you want to learn more about how you can combine marketing opportunities with your green initiative, get in touch with us here.

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