Upgrade your commercial real estate with EV charging

Futureproof your property by providing EV charging station for guests & employees, with multiple open payments methods.

Attract quality tenants, and increase your commercial property value

Equipping your properties with level 2 electric car charging amenities can help you attract prestigious tenants, who are looking for spaces to sustain their businesses for the long-term.

Futureproof your amenities

Provide your tenants, their employees and guests with open payments EV charging stations and no EV driver gets excluded. Adding electric car charging points also shows your support for clean transportation and positions your commercial property as forward-thinking and sustainable.

Additional revenue streams

Adding car charging stations to your commercial real estate allows you to earn revenue from the growing EV industry. Attract new visitors to your property by offering open cashless payment choices and become a destination for EV drivers. Use the EV Meter’s consumer engagement capabilities to encourage repeat customers.  Our touchscreen displays also provides opportunities to gain income with advertising.

Reward tenants with prepaid benefits

Allow tenants and their employees to use prepaid or postpaid cards to pay for their AC charging. EV drivers’ employee cards or fobs can be used to accept payment, offering added convenience. Using this payment method EV drivers can be given discounts and access to other promotions.

Save with smart management

Use EV Meter’s Management Suite to manage multiple charging points. Gain insights into power consumption and monitor EV station usage from the comfort of your office, or mobile phone when you’re on the go. Integrate the detailed data available into your commercial property reports.

Tenant Benefits

  • Position their organization as a green leader
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Promote sustainability goals
  • Achieve corporate social responsibility goals

EV Meter Products

EV Meter has a range of dynamic solutions, suitable for your property’s needs.

Ready to get started?

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