Smart cities offer EV charging

Accessible electric vehicle charging with open payments. Introduce multiple ways for EV drivers to pay. No subscriptions necessary.

Promote a cleaner & greener city

Support EV drivers and be a leader in green transportation with EV Meter. Make EV charging easy and accessibly by supplying level 2 EV charging stations with open payments. When you promote sustainability with infrastructure that supports park and charge options, you’ll also attract green businesses to your city.

Provide open EV charging

Introducing open cashless payments gives EV drivers the choice to pay as they like and opens charging up to more drivers, whether they’re residents or out-of-town visitors. Now any EV driver can drive around town knowing there are accessible EV charging stations.
In addition to flexibility, EV Meter’s loyalty programs give electric vehicle drivers the chance to save money.

Smart management for smart cities

EV Meter’s smart-grid ready solution helps you futureproof your city. Our smart management allows you to manage a fleet of charging stations across the city. Use insights to understand how power is being consumed and monitor EV station usage remotely via your computer or mobile phone. For employees, the facility management becomes easy and the detailed data can be integrated into reports.

Additional revenue with advertising

Adding an EV Meter charging station introduces more than open payments and smart management. The color touchscreen also offers an additional opportunity to earn revenue with advertising during idle mode.

EV Meter Products

EV Meter has a range of dynamic solutions, suitable for your property’s needs.

Our customizable solutions are also suitable for commercial properties, workplaces, residential property, retail & construction, parking lots and other facilities.

Ready to get started?

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